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When it comes to recycling, it can sometimes be difficult to know what goes where.

The list below provides information and resources for diverting waste items for recycling, reuse, and donation in Omaha. Please note that it is not an exhaustive list. Additionally, Keep Omaha Beautiful does not officially endorse any of the companies noted below. 

If you have any comments on how to improve this Recycling & Reuse Guide and/or suggestions on resource listings to add, please contact us.

Green Bin Curbside Recycling & Drop-Off Sites
  • Info about which recyclable items can be placed together in your green bin or taken to a drop-off site.

  • A list of the specific Omaha Libraries that provide free green recycling bins.

  • There are five Omaha drop-off locations where residents can take recycling.

Separate Glass & Plastic Film Recycling
  • If you would like to recycle your glass, you must take it to an Omaha recycling drop-off site. Glass is NOT accepted curbside in your green recycling bin because it contaminates the other recyclables, is dangerous for recycling employees, and is problematic for recycling machinery.

  • Info about the types of soft film/wrap plastic (e.g., retail plastic bags) that can be recycled and where to take this material (supermarkets & retail store locations). Film/wrap plastic is NOT accepted curbside in your green recycling bin because it jams up and damages recycling machinery.

Workplace Recycling & Composting
Additional Resources

Special Item Recycling & Donation Options

The items below CANNOT be placed in your green curbside recycling bin nor can they be taken to a City of Omaha recycling drop-off site. However, there are numerous local vendors and mail-in recycling options for these special items as noted below.

Simply click on an item below to view various options. 

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